In the Beginning...

In 1951, Ray Wheeler and Wally Blight, who worked for National Radiators (now known as Natrad), started their own radiator shop called MOTORADCO. In 1985, Neville Stirton purchased the business, which is now run by his son Paul.

MOTORADCO came full circle when it became a part of the Natrad franchise in 2003 and was officially renamed Natrad Granville. Despite this, the original name, MOTORADCO, remains the true identity of the business.

We are Family!

Retaining that family business quality has been important, especially to Paul, who has worked at the company since 1995. 'It is very much a family business, we’ve had one staff member here for over 40 years,' he said. And, despite being well past retirement age, Paul’s dad, Neville, still comes into work once or twice a week. 

With more than 350 regular customers, the business is proving that retaining that level of service works.

'We still have that same family type service and we still care, even though we now service some of
Australia’s largest companies.'

Overcoming Challenges

MOTORADCO has had its fair share of challenges, but using his passion for success, Paul has managed to overcome them all. And through it all, the business has maintained its values and level of quality.

'Our loyal customers and passion for success have made the business last and work. We’ve adapted to change in the business climate and that has made us successful.'


  • Winner of numerous industry awards, including:
    • Franchise of the Year
    • State Franchise of the Year (2x winner)
    • MTA Workshop of the Year
    • Recipient of several awards from manufacturers for being 'Service Dealer of the Year'
    • Rotary Award for supporting the local community
  • Worked for some of Australia’s biggest companies, such as Telstra, Foxtel and IBM
  • Sponsor of the Rouse Hill Rhinos Rugby League Club for the last three years