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Welcome to MOTORADCO. Also known as Natrad Granville, we specialise in supplying, maintaining and repairing all radiators, heaters and air conditioning parts, both genuine and aftermarket. We work on all types of radiators across all sectors, including automotive, trucks, industrial, marine and mining. Contact us

The Radiator Specialists Since 1951

Established in 1951, MOTORADCO has grown and developed tremendously. In 2003, the business joined the Natrad franchise. Through it all, our business has stayed true to its core value, which is to offer a high-level of service and quality to our customers

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MOTORADCO isn’t your average radiator provider. It’s our depth of experience and breadth of expertise that makes us your go-to-team for everything cooling-related. From trucks to cranes and earth moving to power stations, if your business requires cooling solutions, you can turn to MOTORADCO for your radiator recoring, repairing and replacement needs.